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Our “Pro-System” cameras deliver Real Time in High Definition Video and audio from its remote location to its user’s computer. Video recordings can be triggered by motion, audio, or cross line detection that has trigger speed that start recordings two seconds before motion is detected. It is the only trail camera system we know of that provides two-way audio; enabling you to hear the actual sounds from live game, or allowing you to call game using your own voice or prerecorded calls.


The nation's estimated 5 million feral pigs cause $50 Million per year in agricultural damage, and their numbers are expected to triple in five years. This means when corrective action is delayed, the size of the problem, and cost of the solution increases exponentially! Cahaba River Camera Solutions is committed to bringing you effective feral hog trapping services with a goal of capturing 100% of your entire population.


We offer the first internet protocol covert observation system which provides real time live-streaming video and audio from remote locations. The various covert enclosures contain a small dome camera which provides a 3x digital zoom with an electronic pan/tilt/zoom feature. Several different enclosures are available, allowing the user to choose one judged most innocuous in the deployment area. The system provides alerts to the remote viewer’s computer when the camera senses movement.